Friday, 17 February 2012

The Miz is in trouble With WWE

So, The Miz lately has had many problems with some officials from WWE and Triple H because they say that since November, The Miz have been taking a bad attitude and because of him the ppv of Survirvor Series 2011 had few sales. That's why The Miz already long without winning a single match and also blamed it on the injury he had R-Truth. As you know, when The Miz came to the WWE was one the worst fighters because rather fight and did not even know why they almost always put in ridiculous segments and was about to be fired because he almost did not help the company. Then an out rumors that apparently these days of failure could return to get to The Miz because it is increasingly more problems with Triple H and officials of the company and if so is Miz could suspend or give other of sansiĆ³n. Do you think that happens?

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